Free Website Disclaimer and Copyright Notice Template

Today, a friend of mine ask me, “when does he need a disclaimer for his website? Before I answer this question I’d like to ask you one question, that is, What Is A Website Disclaimer and why we need a Website Disclaimer?

Probably a lot of people don’t know about it. So I decide to write this post.

What Is A Website Disclaimer?

A website disclaimer is often described as a common method used by business owners/service providers in order to limit their liability on their website. The main purpose of a disclaimer is to make sure the information on your site will not be improperly relied upon.


Is it important to add disclaimer on website?The answer is ‘A well-written and a properly posted disclaimer can help protect you and your online business’. The type of disclaimer would depend on the content of your website.

How to write a standard Website Disclaimer ?

The website disclaimer covers the following:

  1. No warranties
  2. Limitations of liability
  3. Exceptions
  4. Reasonableness
  5. Other parties
  6. Unenforceable provisions
  7. This website disclaimer

Where to Get a Free Disclaimer for Your Website?

If you don’t know how to write a standard Website Disclaimer or not sure where to start, Congratulations. There are many free Website Disclaimer and Copyright Notice template on the Internet. and

These 2 websites might help you out. They offer many free website disclaimer template. You can refer to write it.

I hope this information is helpful.